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Guangdong Branch Health Science Popularization Public Welfare Tour and Red Culture Tour Activities Entered Zhanjiang

   Update time:2021-05-21 

On April 25th and 26th, the Guangdong branch entered Zhanjiang and actively carried out public health science public welfare tours and red cultural tours.

   On the 25th, the branch's "Practicing the Healthy China Strategy and Promoting the Chinese Health Culture" health science public welfare tour was successfully held. Liu Tianpeng, a member of the expert group of the New Era Health Industry Group, and local New Era people attended the event.


An opening dance "Chinese Cow" kicked off the event. The employees of the branch introduced the background and significance of this event, saying that the company will always keep in mind the status of a central enterprise, assume responsibility and mission, and work hard in the field of health, so as to contribute to the health of the whole people.



Professor Liu Tianpeng clarified the difference between health and sub-health, and described the future development trend of the big health industry and the significance of the healthy China strategy.


Representatives of sales elites in the new era shared their struggle stories and encouraged everyone to strengthen their confidence and contribute to the development of the health industry.


On the 26th, "Learning the Party History, Keeping the Original Heart, Gathering Strength and Taking the Mission" Zhanjiang Huang Xuezeng’s former residence red cultural tour activity went to the Huang Xuezeng Red Education Base in Dunwen Village, Suixi County to guide everyone to keep their original aspirations, bear the mission, learn the fine traditions, and strengthen the love for the party , Patriotism


Everyone visited the Revolutionary History Museum and other places. The instructor told you about the situation of the Revolutionary History Museum in the southwestern area of Suixi County and the history of the revolutionary activities of the Chinese Communists in the southwestern area of Suixi, represented by Huang Xuezeng. The patriotism and fearlessness of the revolutionary martyrs have deeply affected everyone.


In the former residence of Huang Xuezeng, all New Era personnel paid close attention to the portrait of the martyrs and bowed in salute. Party member Comrade Liu Min led the party members to solemnly swear to the party flag and review the oath of joining the party.



The branch company donated stationery supplies to Xuezeng Primary School in Dunwen Village, Suixi County, and the school leaders expressed their sincere gratitude for the love of people in the new era.


In order to express their nostalgia for the revolutionary martyr Huang Xuezeng and their feelings for this red journey, people in the new era have come to the stage to sing about the motherland and recite revolutionary poems. After the event, everyone expressed that they would learn from Huang Xuezeng's revolutionary martyr's spirit of not fearing hardships and dangers, not forgetting his original intentions, and doing his job well.


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Guangdong Branch Health Science Popularization Public Welfare Tour and Red Culture Tour Activities Entered Zhanjiang

Guangdong Branch Health Science Popularization Public Welfare Tour and Red Culture Tour Activities Entered Zhanjiang


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