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China New Era Health Industry Group

It is a direct-sale enterprise that is directly affiliated to the central government and integrates development, production and sales.

The company develops and produces health products based on traditional Chinese medicine.

The products are registered as traditional Chinese medicine in the international market, Hong Kong and Macau.

The product is aimed at people with chronic diseases, diseases, and sub-health, with unique and flexible treatment, unique treatment of both symptoms and root causes, and is consistent with traditional Chinese medicine: syndrome differentiation, treatment, and disease treatment programs.

The health care industry is undergoing new economic changes and situations.

The Huaxia system adheres to:

Replicate professional skills training of traditional Chinese medicine to train distributors.

It operates and operates the market for the purpose of solving the health needs of customers, so that thousands of people suffering from illness and suffering, free from the pain of illness. The Huaxia system leads the team members to ride the wind and waves to develop at a high speed.

Huaxia System is based on

"Training on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine",

"Chinese Medicine Health Science"

"Popularization of Chinese Medicine and Materia Medica"

Three major sections appeared in the direct selling industry.

The rapid development momentum of the Huaxia system has cultivated talents who love Chinese medicine and enhanced the professional strength of distributors.

The rule of market value, survival and death, is:

Who can better solve the needs of the customer population.

Who can better meet the needs of people in need of health.

Whose market will have greater development.

People engaged in the health business will join hands with the China System to expand the market, do better their careers, and earn higher and higher incomes, reflecting their own value and repaying the society.

During the downturn in the same industry, the Huaxia System attracted many like-minded individuals for collaborative development.

The mission of China System:

With the help of people suffering from diseases as the power source, the main purpose is to train and replicate the professional skills of traditional Chinese medicine, and to assist practitioners to realize their dreams in life, so as to make the health industry brilliant.

China System invites you

Elites from all walks of life!

People who love Chinese medicine,

People with health needs,

People who love health business,

People engaged in health care, health preservation, and physical therapy industries.

Work hand in hand with us to serve the market with the professional strength of Chinese medicine, solve the health needs of customers, achieve self-achievement, and build brilliance together.


Huaxia System Fuze Wanmin for generations, all generations for generations

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