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—Training advantage —

 Lectures by famous teachers

High-definition video online courses are all carefully crafted by well-known experts in the industry, with theory and practice, practical and easy to understand.

 Flexible operation

Provide multiple intelligent education and teaching systems, mobile phones and PCs can switch learning flexibly.

 Online registration

You only need to register online, you can register and learn, and you can take the online exam after you have completed the prescribed period. The cycle is short.

 Authority guarantee

The trainees study and pass the exam, and will be issued an authoritative certificate jointly sponsored by the China National Medical Association and the China National Personnel Training Network, which is universal throughout the country and is available on the official website.

Training object
— Training object —

◆Professionals from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at all levels

◆School doctors in schools;

◆Fresh and past graduates of medical schools;

◆Product lecturer and product salesman of various pharmaceutical companies and health care products companies;

◆Practitioners engaged in or preparing to engage in related occupations in health management and nutrition;

◆Practitioners of health care institutions (pediatric massage, meridian conditioning, rehabilitation physiotherapy

Practitioners who want to know more about TCM health preservation and who want to work in the field of general health;

join us
— Tjoin us —

 You: Why participate in the training of Chinese medicine! ! !

Diseases, chronic diseases, and sub-health are getting younger and younger. In order to protect the health of the family! To protect the health of relatives and friends! In order to protect my health! Possessing a major in traditional Chinese medicine to protect people with health needs is of great responsibility.

 You: Why participate in the training of Chinese medicine! ! !

Health care, health preservation, physiotherapy, beauty industry. From before, talk about dreams, business and business. Has entered the use of professional strength, service team, service market, business development, has become a rigid demand in the market. Has become the development trend of the future era.

 You: Why have the qualification certificate of "Chinese Medicine Health Manager" issued by an authoritative department?

People in the health industry exist to help others

The original intention of achieving self-care by benefiting others, and operating the health industry for the purpose of freeing more people from the pain of disease, does not avoid the malicious behavior of the unhealthy people and the economic losses caused by the people's hearts. Possessing a TCM health management qualification certificate issued by an authoritative department is a certification and guarantee for self-protection recognized by the national authoritative department for engaging in this business. China System: Health Care Industry The leading department of TCM professional training. Have N years of system training experience, Many people in the same industry have been able to use the TCM professional service market to obtain their ideal career development and realize their career dreams.

Welcome to inquire to receive a free three-day training course!

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Guangdong Branch Health Science Popularization Public Welfare Tour and Red Culture Tour Activities Entered Zhanjiang


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